2004-2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Stainless Steel E-Gear Lines

$1,999.95 $1,499.95


Exclusively from Majestic Motorsports! We offer stainless steel braided Lamborghini E-gear transmission lines for the ’04-’08 Gallardo! You can’t get these anywhere else!

The OEM lines are notorious for being brittle and rather delicate in regard to the way they can be bent and handled. This is a BIG problem as an incorrectly installed line has a high probability of leaking and can cause some catastrophic results given their location. These lines are dimensionally the exact same as OEM lines, so there is no need to worry about flow rates, length, or fitment. These lines are also built to withstand external temperatures of 1000+ deg Fahrenheit and internal temperatures of 450. This upgrade is recommended for anyone that wants some additional peace of mind and reliability with their stock or Battle Ready Gallardo. Majestic Motorsports provides these with Factory fitment, more durable and less expensive than OEM replacements. Don’t over look these lines!!!! Built to order item please allow about 2 weeks for build time.


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